Benchmark FR

starting as a small to-do list, this project has escalated into a full-scale store overview and ongoing maintenance.

/Shopify Plus Developer /Design /App Integration|Guidance /Site Speed Optimization

When I first met Mark, he was looking for a new developer. The last one that he had did not devote enough time to his company, and so he was searching for a better fit to bring his store to the optimized potential that he saw it could have. When I came on, there were plenty of things to fix, including but not limited to:

  • Site optimization that would pass Google's WCV
  • Page-specific product banner and app implementation
  • Javascript and CSS compression for the store's speed
  • Mobile-responsive redesign

There are more, and will continue to be more. Mark is an exceptional businessman and I enjoy working with Benchmark FR whenever I get the opportunity to do so!